Curtain Wall Installation

B&V Installing Ltd is a leading subcontractor in installation of Unitised and Stick Curtain Wall systems installation. Our team has a big expertise and experience in dealing with projects of any complexity and dimensions.

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GRC and Stone Cladding Installation

Our team is highly specialized in the installation of all types of GRC's and Stone claddings. We have gained high levels of expertise by performing and completing several projects across London area.

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Rain Screen Systems Installation

As part of our trade specialisation we have demonstrated high performance on the installation of several types of Rain Screen Systems across the projects we've been involved into. So we can proudly affirm that we would be able to accept any challenge.

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B&V Installing Ltd

B&V Installing Ltd is a subcontractor, specialising in all types of cladding installation.

We have an innovative vision and specific approach to each project and client individually by focusing at the same time on the achievement of the highest levels of quality of services.

Our main goal is to guarantee a continuous improvement of our services.


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With a big focus on the efficiency of services we are aiming to provide the most reasonable prices on the market, while maintaining the highest standards of quality of services. Please get in touch if you would like us to be part of your team or if you have any other query.